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Day Rate QuickStart

The plug 'n play program you need to land and onboard your first Day Rate or VIP Day client in less than a week!

Get Booked By The Day™

The revolutionary framework that will simplify your business and give back your freedom, time and money!

Canva Accelerator Lab Workshop

Look and feel like a DESIGN PRO when you learn how to use all of Canva’s built-in features and the design hacks I share in this workshop!

Day Rate Creatives

Need your creative project completed quickly? Find a designer, copywriter, VA, marketer or specialist who offers Day Rates!

The Efficient Designer Bundle

Get access to our 3-workshop bundle that will help you become a better, faster and more efficient designer (or day rater)!

Free 5-Day Branding Training

-- Self-Paced Challenge

Love Your Logo™

Learn how to quickly design a professional logo, using my "fail-proof" logo layout system and step-by-step training.

Brand Breakthrough Bundle

This bundle will inspire you, challenge you to dream big and teach you how to craft a captivating brand vision that you'll be excited to bring to life!

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