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Sometimes you just need to hear it directly from those who've already Booked Me For A Day!  Click on the button below, to read what some of my recent clients have to say about the experience.

*Several of these clients have now booked me more than once because their experience was so great the first time!

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It was just what I needed!

“It was amazing. I was nervous about the logo part, but since we had talked about the purpose of the brand and I had a mood board, we could come back to the look and feel, why I wanted it, why it should go in a certain direction. And then once we finalized the logo and the colors the rest was just fun – figuring out how to play with it and watching Sarah put the pieces together to create the different images for various uses.

I honestly can’t wait until I am ready to book you for my next brand. This one is smart and professional and just what I need right now. I know with the next one I will be freer to create something that is for a passion project and is just what I want it to be.”

~ Alicia Eichmann, Eichmann Consulting

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