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Sometimes you just need to hear it directly from those who've already Booked Me For A Day!  Click on the button below, to read what some of my recent clients have to say about the experience.

*Several of these clients have now booked me more than once because their experience was so great the first time!

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You've nailed it!

Client: Sarah Merkle, Co-Founder of Zen4
BMFAD Priorities: Redesign entire website to make it easier for clients to understand what we do, and learn more about how they can work with us.

This is what the website looked like before their intensive
(dull, lacking personality, confusing):

And after just 7 hours, their entire brand came to life in their new website!


    • On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to refer a friend or colleague to my Book Me For A Day service?
    • In a few sentences, please tell me what you thought about the overall experience.
      I think you have "nailed it" when it comes to web design. I felt involved in the process, while also confident to have an expert executing on the changes. It was so quick! The day flew by, but I had fun watching the site come to life. You were also very attentive to feedback, and I didn't feel nervous to make a suggestion or ask to fix something.
    • What was your favorite part of the day?
      My favorite part was when my co-founder came into the office, and I clicked refresh on the site and he was excited about how awesome it looked. My other favorite part was at the very end, we made just a few final changes (which you turned around in seconds!) and it was like BAM it's done!
    • Please share any other comments, questions or feedback you have about your Book Me For A Day experience.
      I will be sharing you with my network and anyone that asks me about my site. 100% will be a champion for you!


Click here to view the Transformation! www.zen4.co



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