An Introduction to Branding


Confident brands all start with clarity.

A clear & specific niche, combined with passion, and a thoughtfully crafted design, is what creates a brand that is memorable, shareable and different! When you have those things, you are able to connect with your ideal audience & in turn, create massive momentum and greater profit with your business.

Branding and learning how to "DIY" your brand is not a linear path. It's not something that you sit down one day and decide to create, and then you're done 6 weeks later. Branding and web design is an evolution, a process of growth and change. Just as your business grows and evolves, so does your brand.

It IS crucial however, to spend some time up front getting absolute clarity on your brand story, and the tone of your brand before you dive into the design!

Let me help you get the clarity you need to begin your branding journey on the right foot - with my super fun and engaging mini course, Brand Foundations!

In this mini-course, Brand Foundations, I'll guide you to dive deep into your business, explore what you do, why you do it, and who you do it for. Throughout this process, you'll get to the heart of your messaging & how you want to be perceived. Based on those feelings, I'll guide you to begin sourcing elements for your brand, images, fonts, colors, graphics, and show you exactly how to create your mood board - this is the exact process I use for every single one of my branding clients.

This is the exact process I use for every single one of my branding clients!


--> Instant Access to all 5 days of the Mood Board Challenge - so you can get started on your brand immediately!

--> A gorgeous 30-page E-book version of all the materials, so if you're a visual learner, and you want space to write it all out, you can!

--> Three BONUS EXERCISES that will help you get massive clarity before diving into your Mood Board creation!


--> Figure out your niche, once and for all!

--> Get clear on your brand colors and the tone of your brand.

--> Feel completely inspired about your brand vision, and have a much better understanding about how to further bring it to life!

Ready to get started?


Brand Foundations

10 Lessons