Brand Foundations


Confident brands all start with clarity.

A clear & specific niche, combined with passion, and a thoughtfully crafted design, is what creates a brand that is memorable, shareable and different! When you have those things, you are able to connect with your ideal audience & in turn, create massive momentum and greater profit with your business.

In this mini-course, Brand Foundations, I'll guide you to dive deep into your business, explore what you do, why you do it, and who you do it for. Throughout this process, you'll get to the heart of your messaging & how you want to be perceived. Based on those feelings, I'll guide you to begin sourcing elements for your brand, images, fonts, colors, graphics, and show you exactly how to create your mood board - this is the exact process I use for every single one of my branding clients.

Maybe you think you're not creative enough to do your own branding? Worried you don't have the necessary tools?  Well guess what? Whether you are a brand new entrepreneur just starting out, or someone who is up-leveling, pivoting or just starting fresh, and you understand what branding truly is, and why it needs to be cohesive, then YOU are in the right place.

Brand Foundations

10 Lessons