Be Your Own Logo Designer


In this bundle of logo design tutorials, you're going to learn how to use several incredible online tools to create your own brand logo in just a matter of hours!

You'll watch me create a variety of logos, step-by-step, and you'll learn my secret techniques along the way.  I'll share with you how and where you can get inspired for your own logo, and the basic skills and tools you need to know in order to bring yours to life.  

BUT because I don't want to mislead you - here's my branding expert disclaimer...

The number one thing you need to understand is that creating your brand is NOT just about having a logo. 

For a brand to be a true reflection of you and your business, you need a set of core design elements that all work together to create a visual brand identity that is yours, and yours alone. 

My full course Simple Brand Academy teaches you how to create ALL the elements, but I realize that you might just want to get started with a logo, and worry about the rest later.

This bundle of tutorials addresses exactly what you want in this moment - a logo.

There are over 80 minutes of video training in this bundle which have been pulled directly from one section of my signature course, Simple Brand Academy. 

My SBA students have created some amazing logos over the past 18 months thanks to the lessons in this course!

Here are some examples:

This is a self-study training. 

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Intro to Logo Design

1 Lessons

Logo Design Demo #1

1 Lessons

Learn how to create a circle/stamp style logo with circular text using a free vector editing tool.

Logo Design Demo #2

1 Lessons

Learn how to create a logo with a watercolor background effect.

Logo Design Demo #3

1 Lessons

Learn how to embed a pattern or texture into the letters of your logo.

Logo Design Demo #4

1 Lessons

3 Logo Demos: Learn how to create a vector logo (using your own shapes), more circular text, a mandala style logo, reverse letters and embedded patterns.

BONUS: How to edit an AI or EPS file (without Illustrator)

1 Lessons

If you purchase vector icons or elements from Creative Market or Adobe Stock, learn how to edit them with these free tools.

Ready to learn what's next?

1 Lessons