PRE-VIP Sales System

Introducing the “Pre-VIP Sales System”

This course will show you EXACTLY how to sell your VIP Days, with the step-by-step Pre-VIP Framework I use to hit consistent 5-figure months with Day Rates and VIP Days!
(Perfect for designers, copywriters, specialists, and other done-for-you service providers!)

The truth is, selling VIP Days isn’t quite the same as selling a traditional project or retainer…It’s actually a nuanced sales process, that requires a little more strategy and planning on the front-end.

But the great news is that once you know the strategy, and have the plan, it’s a repeatable process that you can use over and over again for all of your calls!

With our Pre-VIP Sales System, you’ll have the know-how, the tools and the blueprint you need to be able to close those Day Rate clients easily, every time!

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